Pet hay Print
In 1999 we decided, as a logical continuation, to start the production of high quality pet hay. The afterdrying process we use, guarantees the supreme quality we strive for. The packaging process what we use is a so called ’semipress’ principle in which case the hay isn’t pressed together in a briquette manner that does save room, but doesn’t take to account for whom the hay is meant for. Our production process leaves the integrity of the hay straws intact and therefore is mainly used as food but can also be used for nests.
For our and the pets delight the product has received a warm welcome in major stores in and out of Estonia.
Also the laboratory results concluded that our pet hay contains natural vitamin C 5mgr/100gr.

Pelleted hay 'Krõmpsik'
The prequisite to a high-quality final product is the existence of high-quality raw materials. In this case the raw material is the post dried hay. At the end of the growing season the hay is cut at the period of maximum nutritional value and after intensive raking packed and stored in a special drying containers. The containers are immidiately transported to our facility and hooked up to special dryers. In the course of the post drying process the excess moisture is removed and we achieve moisture contet of 10-12%, which is significantly lower than your average rabbit hay.
Our technology enables us to keep an especially high nutritional value of the feed, from these raw materials we produce the pelleted hay.
Tests have shown, that pets are really excited about our product and enjoy eating it.

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